Drill-Free, Needle-Free Laser Dentistry

Why Choose Laser Dentistry for Your Cavity Treatment?

Needle-Free Laser Dentistry in Sooke, BC

Many people dread the experience of going to the dentist, and the sound and pressure of the dental drill. Laser dentistry does not involve drilling or anaesthetic needles. As the laser beam is focused strictly upon the area to be treated, the procedure is typically far more comfortable, involves less pain, and leads to a faster recovery, as well as reducing the risk of complications.

Laser dentistry:

  • Is needle-free and drill free
  • Kills all of the bacteria inside the cavity
  • Provides an analgesic effect

How does laser dentistry work?
A laser is an intense, narrowly focused beam of light. The laser used in dental treatments is FDA approved, and was specifically developed to treat various dental and oral conditions. The laser is focused on the site that requires treatment, whether teeth or gums, and the tissue or tooth structure is reshaped or the decayed area removed.

No drilling, no anesthetic and faster recovery times.
Laser dentistry to treat cavities is a recent development, and many dental offices do not offer this option. SunRiver Dental & Implants offers this advanced technique to our patients. It has proved to be highly beneficial for those who cannot tolerate drilling or want to avoid anesthesia or have other health concerns. The first step is to have a comprehensive dental exam to determine what areas need to be treated, and by what means. We offer a wide range of dental treatments, and are proud to offer our patients laser dentistry as an option.

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